Places That Buy Broken Cell Phones

October 12, 2018

Stop leaving your old broken phones all alone in drawers, gathering dust and having no future. Broken and alone, your phones can still have a bright future, and it can benefit you too! While those old phones might just be useless pieces of junk to you now, they can still earn you some extra cash.

We can get all those broken phones and gadgets off your hands in no time, because here at OCBuyBack, we’re the perfect place to sell your phone.

Why Sell Old Phones?

Old phones just add to the millions of phones and gadgets thrown to the waste every day around the globe. Instead, they should be recycled, so tons of possible pollution producing waste is saved. Don’t just put your old iPhone away and forget about it. Sell old phones! There are many companies out there that are interested in buying old phones to recycle them. OCBuyBack is one such company that is everything your old phones need. Sell your phone today and get funds back in return for it too. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Some Places That Buy Phones

If you’re now wondering oh “where can I sell my phone for a good price?” then look no further because we have the one place you need to sell your phone to: OCBuyBack. Visit us now at and follow the following three simple steps to sell your phone for cash:

1. Select the device you want to sell. It can be any gadget as long as it’s written on our trade-in list. This could include your old tablet, any phone, you can sell iPhone X, sell iPhone 8, sell iPhone 7, literally any gadget as long as it’s on the list.

2. Ship the gadget to us, that too for free, or you can also drop it off locally if you want, whatever is more convenient for you.

3. Finally, the step you’ve been waiting for, get paid! Sell your phone for cash and end up with some extra bucks in your wallet almost immediately. We provide a quick and reliable service, one that ensures that you get paid instantly without any risk involved or any hassle for you.

If you’re interested in selling your phone in a store, then we also have a list of places that buy phones in stores. Some of them have been listed down below for your help:

 You can sell phones to retailers such as Office Depot, Best Buy, Staples, Ace Hardware, Lowe’s or Home Depot,

 You can sell phones to auctioning places like eBay and get the best price for them but it could take a while.

Contact Us Now!

Cracked, broken or just old, no matter what’s wrong with your phone, we want to buy it. Not just your phone, but any old gadget you want to sell. Go through our list of gadgets we’re willing to trade-in and start the simple 3 step process to selling your phone right now!

3 Devices we're talking about

iPhone X

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iPhone 8

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