The Damage of E-Waste and How We Can Help

December 16, 2018

The Damage of E-Waste and How We Can Help

I’m sure you have some.

We’re talking about all those old electronics that are sitting around and collecting dust. They may be old phones, tablets or iPods but eventually can get treated like garbage. Instead of recycling these electronics and getting paid they are getting thrown out. And this e-waste is becoming a big problem.

The Damage of E-Waste

Throwing away old electronics might seem similar to you as organic garbage but there is quite a big difference. When you look at something like an old cell phone or iPod you only usually notice the casing and not the inner components of it. And it’s these electronic insides that can be very toxic.

Most electronics are full of things like lead, semimetals, and other chemical compounds. Incorrect disposal of these items can expose you, and the environment to substance like:








These are just a few of things that get introduced into environment. The problem now with the growing use of electronics is that more and more of them that will eventually become thrown away. E-waste can lead to the increase of PCB’s in the atmosphere along with brominated flame retardants. The improper treatment of these electronics can result in inhalation of toxic fumes and these toxins can also make their way into your soil, water, and food.

What Options Are There Besides The Dump?

Instead of disposing of your old laptop or tablet you can make money off them and help the environment at the same time. Companies like OCBuyBack will buy back your old Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV along with many other items. It’s an easy process that takes the hassle of selling away from you. You can even ship your old device for free and then get paid.

These old electronics are given new life instead of being disposed and polluting your environment. You solve the problem of e-Waste and get paid while doing it.

That’s a pretty win-win scenario.