10 Budget Friendly Tech Gift Ideas for iPhone Lovers

December 09, 2018

10 Budget Friendly Tech Gift Ideas for iPhone Lovers

One tech gadget that everyone has is a smartphone, you can’t go wrong with a gift to compliment that iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. We have made it easy for you and summarized the 10 best budget friendly gift ideas that an iPhone lover will want all under $130! From gifts like a phone storage workout bottle to pricier items like a phone solar powered charger or a bluetooth speaker, you will be sure to find a gadget to compliment that smartphone on this list.

Universal Charging Outlet

$39.95 @ Thegrommet.com

thingCHARGER takes your average wall socket and turns it into a universal charging station. Slip it over your three-pronged plugs, and there’s no need to negotiate between your alarm, lamp, phone, and laptop.

Aside from two standard outlets, thingCHARGER has two built-in USB ports and a top that doubles as a charging dock for your phone or tablet. To use the dock, the included lightning and micro-USB tips let you power up Apple and other brands of devices. That comes in handy for friends and family with different digital allegiances.

Smartphone Universal Remote

$49.95 @ Thegrommet.com

Pronto is an infrared (”IR”), transmitter that turns your iPhone or iPad into a universal remote. It works with components like your cable box, DVD player, Apple TV, gaming systems and more. Through the free Peel app, you can access streaming accounts, like Netflix and Hulu, control up to eight devices per room, browse listings by image, and create custom actions—no remotes required.

Little Sun: Solar Powered Charger

$79.00 @ Thegrommet.com

A solar power bank that does more than power you up—it provides opportunity for those without power in the world. The design harnesses the sun to fuel your phone, camera, e-reader, or any USB-powered device—or provides up to 150 hours of light. Its weather- and UV-resistant design is great for camping, festivals and more. Plus, for every charger sold, the same exact one is offered at a fair, locally-affordable price to someone in an underserved area.

Interchangeable Phone Lens Set

$40.00 @ Thegrommet.com

Phone cameras are powerful, but they have their limitations. This smartphone lens set gives you more chances to take stunning photos.

The two tiny-but-robust lenses can be attached to 60 types of devices in seconds—tablets included. The first is a 2-in-1 lens offering both a wide angle and macro lens, while the second is a fisheye lens.

Expand your shot with a subtle 0.67x wide-angle lens, letting you fit more in your frame while maintaining the integrity of your photos. This is a lens perfect for creating portraits with just the right amount of breathing room.

Zoom in ten times as close with the macro lens and get the fine details you couldn’t with your phone alone—the subtle hues of an eye, tiny insects, or the delicate bristles on a flower stem.

You can also amplify your view up to 190-degrees with the fish eye lens. Capture the majesty of landscapes and larger scenes.

Air Pods Protective Silicon Case

$19.99 by PodPocket

Keep your Apple AirPods case safe and sound—and in an easy-to-reach spot—with this handy holder. Made of flexible silicone, it fits snugly over the AirPods case and can be attached to a belt, bag, or keychain. It comes in a variety of colors including green and red.

Coin-Sized Tracking Device

$29.95 @ Thegrommet.com


Find your misplaced keys, wallet, bike, or more in a flash with TrackR Bravo.

This slim, quarter-sized lost item tracker uses your phone’s Bluetooth, GPS, and the TrackR app. Attach it to anything valuable to keep tabs on its location.

Lost your keys? Press the app’s “Locate” button and Bravo will ring as long as it’s within your phone’s Bluetooth range. The distance indicator even shows, in real time, how close you are (we call it the “getting warmer” feature).

If Bravo is out of Bluetooth range, the app tells you the last location picked up by your phone. Even better: the Crowd GPS feature uses the GPS of all the phones in the TrackR network (tens of thousands of them) to locate it. When any TrackR app user is near your item, you (and only you) will get an alert with the location.

Got your keys but can’t find your phone? Press a button on the TrackR Bravo and your phone will ring . . . even when it’s on “silent” mode.

Want to avoid losing your keys, wallet, or whatever altogether? Activate a separation alarm that will ring if you walk too far away.

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

$59.95 @ ItsThoughtful.com

Did you know that the average cell phone is 18 times dirtier than a public toilet! Eeew! Now think about how we place these bacteria bombs in our dark and warm pockets where bacteria breeds best. Then, think about how often it touches your face, your hands and directly or indirectly your children and you’ll start looking for a way to disinfect right away. People with young children who love putting things in their mouth and elderly folks with weakened immune systems will especially benefit from getting PhoneSoap as a gift, but honestly, anyone with a phone needs it!

PhoneSoap uses UV light to safely and non-toxically sterilize cell phones while charging it. But, what is PhoneSoap? It’s a little case, sort of like an eyeglasses case, with UV lights inside, sort of like a tanning bed for your phone. The lights will destroy 99.9% of bacteria in minutes. The lights are guaranteed for up to 240,000 minutes of disinfecting magic; which is the lifespan of the lights.

Phone Storage Workout Bottle

$21.99 @ Uncommongoods.com

To stay connected while you stay hydrated, the solution is clear. This clever bottle holds your smartphone, credit cards, and cash between two water compartments in an eye-catching design. The twist-off bottom incorporates a port for headphones so you can keep listening while your phone is stowed. The tough, Tritan plastic construction is 100% BPA free and leak-proof, making this bottle a great option for your workout, a weekend hike, or day at the beach. Both bottle and lid are dishwasher safe. Made in China.

Bluetooth Speaker

$118.15 @ Thegrommet.com

This Bluetooth speaker does much more than just hang out. It’s designed to blend into your home as a piece of modern décor, whether sitting on the coffee table or hanging up on the wall. It can serve as a catchall for keys, change, or your phone. There’s even a charger hidden inside, along with a microphone, so you can use it to make calls, too. And the battery lasts for up to 10 hours of full, clear sound, so there’s no unsightly wires to mar your listening experience.

Portable Photo Printer

$129.99 @ Amazon.com

Live it - Love it - Print it: Printing off social media photos has never been easier from your smartphone. Connect your social media accounts to the free-to-download HP Sprocket App and instantly turn those photos into colorful prints

A Social on-the-go portable printer: Sprocket uses seamless Bluetooth connectivity, so you can set it up at parties and events, and everyone can print their favorite moments from their smartphones or tablets

Have fun - be creative: Customize your photos before you print with the HP Sprocket App to add fun text, borders, emojis, and more. Add a pop of personality for snapshots and stickers that are totally and uniquely you

Instant snapshots anywhere: This compact photo printer was made to go wherever you do. It easily fits into any bag, so you can create 2x3-inch stickable snapshots whenever the moment strikes