2019 New iPhone Rumors and What to Expect

February 06, 2019

2019 New iPhone Rumors and What to Expect

2019 is here and with that comes a new lineup of iPhone models. Last year Apple unveiled the Apple iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. The XS models have a hefty price tag starting at $999 while the XR starts at $749. 

We can expect a similar lineup in 2019 with a continuation of the XS and XR models. Rumors suggest that Apple will continue with the OLED screens and possibly integrate that as well with the iPhone XR which currently uses a LED screen. This may or may not be true as an LED screen is much cheaper than an OLED screen. The names of the new iPhones are still up in the air but we can guess that they will be called iPhone 11 or iPhone XI.

Possible Upgrades and Features of the 2019 iPhone

With the release of new iPhones comes new features and upgrades. Apple will most likely use upgraded A13 chips which bring improved performance and efficiency. It is said that the 6.5 inch version of the new iPhone will come with triple lens rear camera while the smaller models will keep the dual rear camera. The triple lens rear camera offers benefits like better 3D sensing, 3X optical zoom capabilities, and better performance in low light. There are some rumors saying that the new iPhones will be compatible with the Apple Pencil but this is yet to be confirmed. Apple is most likely going to go away with the traditional lightning charging cable and replace it with the USB Type C charging cable. Apple has already adopted this change with their new iPad Pro Models.

Will Apple Keep the Notch or Go Away With It in 2019? 

Rumors suggest that Apple will keep the notch through 2020 when they will likely adopt Samsung's new version of the notch to be announced with the Galaxy S10 series. 

Launch Date

If Apple sticks to their traditional release dates, we will be seeing the new iPhone in September 2019. 

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