How To Unlock Your iPhone For Use With A Different Carrier

March 12, 2019

What Is An Unlocked iPhone?

Unlocking is a term used in the mobile industry to define a mobile device that can be used with different carriers other than the original carrier. Most of the time when you purchase your iPhone from the carrier stores the iPhone will be locked to that carriers network. This means that you can only use that device with that carrier. The carriers have certain requirements that have to be met before they can unlock your iPhone. For most carriers the main requirement is that the device be fully paid off from any lease agreement. If you have paid off your device contact your carrier and request an unlock. Certain carriers will also unlock your iPhone if you are going out of the country. For this option your account must be in good standing. 

Steps to Unlock your iPhone:

Step 1: Contact your carrier, only your carrier can unlock your iPhone

Step 2: Request an unlock from your carrier. Make sure you have met the carriers requirements for an unlock. 

Step 3: After your carrier unlocks your iPhone follow the steps below. 

Finish the unlocking process with a SIM card other than your current carrier:

Step 1: Remove your sim card and insert your new sim.

Step 2: Go through the initial set up process with your new sim.

If you do not have a sim card use iTunes:

Step 1: Plug in your iPhone to iTunes and back up the iPhone.

Step 2: Restore the iPhone from the back up.

Make More Money Selling Your Unlocked iPhone

Unlocked iPhones are worth more money than locked iPhones. Many people unlock their device prior to selling it so that they can get the highest value possible. Most cell phone buyback companies will pay more for an unlocked iPhone. 

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