Top 3 Places Where You Can Sell Your iPhone Locally In Orange County California

June 11, 2019

Top 3 Places Where You Can Sell Your iPhone Locally In Orange County California

Are you looking to sell your iPhone in Orange County CA? Well you are in luck. Today we will highlight the top 3 places where you can sell your iPhone in sunny Orange County.

Sell Your iPhone For Cash On The Spot

When selling your iPhone, many people prefer to sell their iPhone to a local business in their area where they can get cash on the spot. 


OCBuyBack is Orange County's premier iPhone buyback company based in Brea, California. OCBuyBack typically has some of the highest prices around and provide top quality customer service. They have a simple 3 step process to sell your iPhone. 

Step 1: Visit and select your iPhone

Step 2: Bring your iPhone to their location in Brea or you can ship your iPhone for free


They pride themselves in their honest prices and great customer service. They have earned themselves a 5 star rating on Google and a 9.3/10 rating on Trustpilot. It is safe to say you will be in good hands when using OCBuyBack to sell your iPhone.


EcoATM offers a kiosk service where you sell your iPhone to an ATM machine usually located at a mall or grocery stores. Unlike OCBuyBack, EcoATM has lower pricing likely due to the fact that the machine can not check for cosmetic damage. They offer an app to download where you can receive a quote for your iPhone and they will point you to the nearest ATM where you can take the iPhone and the machine will give you cash. When you arrive at the ATM you will be prompted to follow an easy 3 step process: 

Step 1: Place Your iPhone in an EcoATM test station. 

Step 2: ecoATM will examine your iPhone and give you a price.

Step 3: If you agree to sell it, you will receive cash on the spot.

They are spread out all over Orange County so it will be easy to find one in your area.

Best Buy

Best Buy offers an iPhone trade in program where they offer to purchase your iPhone for store credit. This may not be best option for people who would rather have cash. However, if you are already planning on purchasing an item at best buy then it may be convenient to sell your iPhone and use the store credit towards your purchase. Similar to OCBuyBack, they offer price quotes via their website. They will usually have lower prices than OCBuyBack. You can find multiple Best Buy locations spread out through Orange County. 

Do Quick Research

There you have it, the top 3 places to sell your iPhone locally in Orange County. We recommend doing some quick research before visiting any of these options. Check their customer reviews and review their prices to see which will be the best fit for you.