Amazon Trade-In Program vs OCBuyBack

February 12, 2020

Just recently upgraded your cellphone and wondering where to sell your old phone?

You are probably wondering what makes one trade-in site better than the other. You know you want something quick, easy, and will give you the most money back.

Being one of the most popular on-line market places, Amazon would be a natural place to start.

But is it really the best choice?

Below we break down the differences between Amazon Trade In and OCBuyBack.

Amazon Trade In

Being the largest internet retailer in the world, the homepage of Amazon can be a bit of a maze. The best way to access their cell phone trade in program is by doing a google search for “Amazon trade in cell phone”.

From there you will be rerouted to their trade in store, where you will see a list of different electronics to choose from. (For the purpose of comparing, we will be appraising a 256GB iPhone X, T-Mobile in Good  Condition.)

Under the Cell Phones category, you will see of list of brands. First, you will click on Apple and see a list of various iPhone models. Instead of sifting through pages and pages of results, focus your search by typing in iPhone X in the search bar. Look for the iPhone X with the correct amount of GB that matches your phone and click “Trade in this item”. From there, you will be prompted by a series of questions used to determine the condition of your phone.

Does the device power on?

Has your device been removed from your online account (e.g. iCloud)?

Are there any cracks on the screen?

Is your device still being financed through your carrier?

Assuming your cellphone is in good condition, reset, and unlocked, you will submit: “Yes, Yes, No, No”.

Their quote comes out to: $255.05

Take note of the two options you can proceed with:

1. Don’t accept the adjusted price – They will return your item at no cost or

2. Accept the adjusted price – Receive anywhere between $48.05 - $255.05.

The last step is to confirm your trade in and proceed to the shipping instructions page. Amazon pays out in the form of an Amazon gift card. Once your quote is paid, the amount will be reflected in the “Gift Card Balance” section.


OCBuyBack was founded by a young couple in Orange County, CA out of a small apartment eventually branching out to its first official location in Brea, CA in 2018.

Navigating is fairly easy. Start by clicking “Get Your Cash” on the home page. From there, you will select your device type from the list of electronics. After selecting “Cell Phone”, you will see a list of brands ranging from Apple to Samsung to Google. After clicking on Apple, iPhone X will be the seventh model listed. You will then be asked a series of questions on your device:

Which carrier is your cell phone for?

How much storage capacity does your device have? (GB)

What condition is your device in?

You will be provided with a list of conditions to choose from: Like New, Good Condition, Minor Damage, or Damaged.

Each status will include a broad description of what it means. After clicking on the condition that matches your phone, you will be asked how many devices you are trading in.

After entering the same variables used on the Amazon trade in site (256GB iPhone X, TMobile carrier, Good Condition), the quote comes back at: $272.00.

The final step after selecting “Click to Sell Now” will be to complete the shipping details page. OCBuyBack pays out in the form of check or PayPal, so you are free to spend your cash wherever you like.

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Written by Brenda Galeano

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