Top 5 Places to Sell Your Used iPad for the Most Cash

February 24, 2020

Whispers are swirling that Apple will release a new iPad Pro during the first half of this year. The latest iPad Pro models were released in November 2018, but with no iPad Pro released in Fall 2019, people are expecting a March release date instead. Fueling this rumor is the fact the most recent iPad Air and iPad Mini were released in March 2019.

Apple has spent a decade of tweaking and perfecting the iPad with each new model. In case you can’t resist getting your hands on the rumored and much-anticipated 2020 iPad Pro, keep reading below for 5 places to sell your used iPad for the most cash. You might be surprised who comes out on top and who knows maybe this will help put more money to use towards that newest iPad model you've been keeping an eye on. 

1. is an online buyback site for various electronics such as cell phones, tablets, iPods, smartwatches, and more. OCBuyBack has 18 iPad devices you can choose from to trade in.

Here are some quotes I found on their site: The latest iPad Pro 12.9” 3rd Gen model (Wi-Fi, 64GB, Good Condition) will get you $460.00 on If you are looking to sell your iPad mini for cash, an iPad Mini 4 (Wi-Fi, 64GB, Good Condition) will get you $120.00. Selling an iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi, Good Condition) will pay out $100.00 for 64GB and $75.00 for 16GB. pays out cash in the form of check or PayPal.

2. Best Buy Trade In (Online & Instore)

Best Buy, known for their variety of electronics and appliances, has a trade in program available on and in select store locations. A quick check on the store locator on this site will show you where the nearest participating stores are.

Using Best Buy trade in, the iPad Pro 12.9” 3rd Gen model (Wi-Fi, 64GB, Good Condition) will get you $280.00. The iPad Mini 4 (Wi-Fi, 64GB, Good Condition) appraises out $105.00. Trading in an iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi, 64 GB/16GB, Good Condition) gets you $90.00.

The Best Buy Trade In program pays out in the form of a Best Buy gift card.

3. is an online re-commerce company that buys and sells pre-owned electronics such as smartphones and tablets.

With Gazelle, an iPad Pro 12.9” 3rd Gen (Wi-Fi, 64GB, Good Condition) brings back a quote of $361.00, beating Best Buy Trade In’s price, but falling behind OCBuyBack’s pay out. The iPad Mini 4 (Wi-Fi, 64GB, Good Condition) gets you $84.00. The iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi, Good Condition) will get you $69.00 for the 64GB device and $47.00 for the 16GB model.

Gazelle pays out in the form of Amazon gift card, check or PayPal.

4. Amazon Trade In Program

The e-commerce giant, Amazon, also has an Amazon Trade in program for an assortment of electronics available on

Amazon’s trade in program has a limited range of iPad models to choose from. You won’t find the latest iPad Pro as an option to trade in, but there are a few other options to choose from. The iPad 3 3rd Gen (Wi-Fi, 16GB, Good Condition) will get you $2.00-$22.50. An iPad 4 4th Gen (Wi-Fi, 16GB, Good Condition) appraises at $4.50-$37.50 and an iPad Air (Wi-Fi, 16GB, Good Condition) will pay out anywhere between $10.00-$50.00.

Amazon Trade In pays out in the form of an Amazon gift card.

5. Apple Trade In (Online & In-store)

Lastly, Apple itself is a natural place to look to when thinking of doing an iPad trade in. Apple’s Trade In program can be accessed on or in-store.

In order to receive quotes on your used iPad, you’ll need to input the serial number of your device and answer a few questions on the condition of your phone. Recent reports indicate estimates for various iPad models are as follows:

iPad Pro – Up to $220

iPad Mini – Up to $80

iPad Air – Up to $70

Apple Trade In pays out in form of credit towards your next purchase or an Apple Store gift card.

When comparing how much cash you will get and how you will be paid, the best place to sell your iPad becomes clear. Surprised? It turns out buyback companies like OCBuyBack make it to the top of the list on "where to sell your used iPad" because they offer a higher payout and you are free to spend that money wherever you'd like!

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Written by Brenda Galeano

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