How To Sell Your GoPro Online

April 28, 2020

Now is a good time as ever to get a bit of extra cash on your unused electronics. With many people working reduced hours or none at all, it can alleviate some stress knowing you can sell the devices you no longer use for some pocket cash. Cellphones are not the only device buyback companies are interested in buying off of you. Other electronics such as your GoPro camera can also score you some quick bucks. Below are three simple steps on how to sell your GoPro and get paid fast!

1. Obtain a Quote

On, first click “Get Your Cash” to get started. You will be routed to a webpage with a list of electronic devices to choose from. Once you select “GoPro”, there are eight models to choose from. After you select the model you plan to sell, you will to input the condition of your GoPro. Next, indicate how many devices you plan to sell and you will receive an instant quote.

For a Hero 7 Black in good condition, you can get $95.

2. Ship or Drop off your GoPro

OCBuyBack provides a pre-paid shipping label or local drop off site for your convenience, but before shipping or dropping off, you’ll first want to make sure you’ve erased all of your personal pictures and videos.

It is also a good idea to restore your GoPro’s factory settings. Depending on the model, the steps to restore the factory settings may differ. For a black Hero 7, you will start by pressing the “Mode” button to turn on your device. Swipe down with your finger on the main screen until you reach “Preferences”. Next, scroll down and select “Reset”. Then, scroll down and click on the “Factory Reset” option. A warning message will appear on the screen. Confirm your choice by selecting “Reset.”

After you’ve erased your personal media and restored your GoPro’s factory settings, you’ll want to make sure you pack up GoPro in a padded envelope or box with bubble wrap. This is so your GoPro arrives at OCBuyBack in the condition you reported it as.

3. Get Paid

Once OCBuyBack receives your GoPro, they will inspect it to make sure it is working and matches your information. After the GoPro’s condition is verified, OCBuyBack will pay you within 24 hours by PayPal or check.

Selling your GoPro is as easy as the three simple steps above and the best part is you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Ready to get the most cash fast? Click here!

Written By: Brenda Galeano

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